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SST Planners is a specialized laboratory consulting design firm providing laboratory programming and laboratory planning services to the scientific and architectural communities. Laboratory planners at SST Planners program and design over a million gross square feet of high quality research space annually for the higher education, corporate and governmental sectors. A clear focus on client needs and a strong research base contribute to the strength and ongoing success of laboratory planners and programmers at SST. Please also see our Clients page for a list of recent projects.

Laboratory planning consultants at SST Planners provide services to architects, engineers, university, corporate and government clients for research and teaching labs of all types. A laboratory consultant at SST can provide a wide array of services as outlined on our Services page.

BACLab 2

Chemistry laboratory in the Doering Science Center
Bryn Athyn College

SST Planners provides a full range of services as a consulting laboratory planner including activities such as strategic planning, lab programming, lab planning and lab design, laboratory equipment planning, and computer visualization. SST consists entirely of architectural and engineering professionals with extensive and diverse backgrounds in planning, design and delivery of high quality science and technology intensive environments. Please also see our Design page.


Cell Sciences Institute at the University of Connecticut
Project was awarded Lab Renovation of the Year in 2011
Photo credit: Copyright by Anton Grassl/Esto

SST is the lab planner and programmer on numerous important projects including major new buildings for the National Institutes of Health, the Medical School of the University of Virginia, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lab Planners at SST are currently consulting on numerous projects: Please also see our Projects page for examples of recently completed laboratories.

The following new projects represent a sampling of current government, university, and private sector work recently completed by lab planners at SST:

Carnegie Institution of Washington at Johns Hopkins


Black and White: Casework colors selected to align with functional requirements & principal investigator preference

The labs in the project at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center are open and very flexible to facilitate both current and future research and development objectives for their Medical Building Expansion program.

University of Texas Health Sciences Center


Medical School Building Expansion in Houston

These research labs have access to quick-connect service utilities that drop down from above so that casework and equipment can be reconfigured over time. This capabilty introduces a great degree of flexibility into the lab design so that changes can be easily made both physically and managerially.

Confidential Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory


Drug discovery research laboratories at private pharmaceutical company in Europe

This research laboratory building was designed with several key objectives: attractive and durable finishes along with sustainability and operational economy. In addition, the flexible open lab concept encourages scientific interaction and teamwork.

Exploration Sciences Building


Multidisciplinary engineering building at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

SST Planners is proud to be among the first 50 organizations to be a Labs21 Supporter. Energy consciousness and sustainable design are a critical part of laboratory planning and design for modern facilities in all industry sectors. Please see our Labs21 page for more information. Additionally, SST Planners has LEED accredited staff and participates in U.S. Green Building Council activities. These several programs which focus on the holistic design of environmentally conscious laboratory facilities are an important part of the overall programming and design expertise that SST Planners can offer.


For more information about the services that laboratory planners at SST can provide please call either of the following principals:
Chris Cowansage, RA, LEED AP at 703-875-8787 ext# 14 or Cory English, RA at 703-875-8787 ext# 15.

To download a PDF with directions to SST Planners please click on Directions for specific information. Please also note new mailing address.

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